SEO Trends to follow in 2020

New Year brings along new challenges and goals. The case is the same for SEO professionals too.

If you are wondering what SEO trends will work out for you in 2020 to dominate your SERPs and help you to earn higher revenue?

As per experts, here are a few top trends that you need to know as an SEO professional.

1.BERT reigns!

Google’s newly launched algorithm BERT caught everyone’s attention. Thus it is natural for every SEO professional to learn how to optimize for this algorithm. Google has taken a huge leap with BERT as the ranking algorithm.

According to Eli Schwartz, Growth Consultant, and Advisor, BERT is more about making searches that are about intent matching and not just pure string matching. Instead of putting all your focus on optimizing for BERT, focus on user-centered optimization and the technology behind delivering content.

Therefore efforts need to be put to deliver content for users rather than on a single string that they search for. Keyword research may become less relevant as content will be written based on suggested queries.

2.Quality and Optimized content

Many SEO trends may come and go, but Content will rule on forever. Good quality and user relatable content is and will continue to be the lifeblood of SEO.

This means that you need to write good content or hire someone who knows how to write well. This year make it a goal to have quality content for your topic, as this will dominate any Google algorithm.

This gives an added advantage to compete for long-tail searches and thus builds your demand and page authority for your site. And this is the kind of approach that Google is looking for to satisfy user needs.

Thus this 2020, take time to understand your audience – their needs and behavior and deliver good content along with your brand message on all your digital marketing channels. It is time to invest in good local content that isn’t based on keywords alone but for your local audience.

3. Company Reputation

Google is more than ever focused on your company’s overall reputation and the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of the individuals who post content representing the company.

Companies that have a poor reputation, service issues, trust issues will have a tough time ranking or getting organic visibility for your website.

Trustworthiness will be an important concept for SEO professionals in 2020. This is to eradicate fake news and focus on the subject authority of the author.

A few ways to ensure Trust is by ensuring a supply chain that delivers quickly based on the status updates, replying to the user’s question without much friction, getting users to do business with you, providing relevant user experience, suitable pricing strategies and focusing on Niche Products.

4.  User Experience & Technical SEO

The largest asset that every SEO professional should focus on in 2020 is User Experience. This experience begins with the User’s initial interaction in the SERPs to the landing page experience, and also the experience they carry after they leave your site. To enhance user experience you may think personalization, drip campaigns, and remarketing for your users to return. Therefore ensure a user experience that caters to their needs and valuable solutions during their visit.

Technical SEO is a key factor in providing the best user experience. It depends on promoting the best technical practices from Google’s perspective. Thus technical SEO and User Experience are closely associated with Site speed and Page speed. Google has started focusing on site speed and gives a slow warning badge and is reported in the speed reports in Google Search Console. It is the right time to talk to your developers for good loading speed, reengineer how assets are loaded, or redesign all the templates. Technical SEO is something that we cannot overlook and will increase greatly with the popularization of JS frameworks and SEO task automation can be done using Python along with machine learning for bigger sites.

5. Mobile SEO

Don’t be surprised, Mobile SEO is sure to stay. Many experts suggest building mobile sites first and then making them compatible with desktop. This way, you don’t have to optimize the sites for speed after their launch. We are witnessing a tremendous rise in smartphone users, and it is logical to have sites that are optimized and friendly for mobiles. People will most often find your website through a mobile phone.

Mobile SEO doesn’t stop with site friendliness and optimization. You need to study mobile SERPs. SEO professionals need to look at real, mobile search results, to understand their competition, kind of traffic to expect and the kind of optimization to be successful.

6. Structured Data

We have clearly understood the importance of high-quality content that is important in 2020. However, Google algorithms still don’t understand the context. Therefore we have to hint the search engines to understand the searcher’s intent and deliver relevant results.

This means we need to structure our data in a way that search engines understand what is on your page and how each page relates to all the other pages within the website and all the elements on the page. So every SEO professional’s ultimate goal is to be understood by the search engines and be found by your audience. This will enable you to be well-positioned and take advantage of advanced data consuming features of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and AI chatbots.

The above trends are a few that you can stick to this year. You may also follow trends such as optimizing your site entities for Google’s knowledge graph, building backlinks and branding, Focusing on visibility and embrace SEO automation to reduce time and redundant SEO tasks. SEO automation will help you focus on the important marketing fundamentals such as branding, customer experience, listening and replying to your target audience, providing user consumable content and mainly to being human.

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