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We all know that Google gives algorithm updates once or twice a month. All of these updates may not necessarily impact the SERPs. Whenever there is a change in Google’s ranking algorithm, many website owners start panicking. The anxiety is more with site owners who don’t know how search engines work and what is essential to get the best out of search engines. It is important to note that SEO is a dynamic sector, thus it is only logical to keep yourselves updated with the latest trends. So today we will look at a few major algorithm updates made by Google this year.

Google Mobile Speed Update

Google updated its SEO algorithm by making mobile speed an important factor to rank in mobile search results. Google assured that this update will only affect slower mobile sites. This updated function will tell you if your ranks are fluctuating due to the slow speed of a mobile site. As per Google’s statistics, the page loading speed is very critical. If your page loading time increases from 1 to 10 seconds, the bounce rates will increase around 120% affecting your ranking in the SERPs. Statistics also show that 52-54% of mobile users exit the page if your site takes more than 3 sec to load and the average loading time for a mobile site is 15 seconds. Therefore make sure your mobile sites have high loading speed.

Site Diversity Update

The Site Diversity Update was rolled out by Google to minimize the number of domains that appear with multiple URLs in the SERPs. This update ensured that multiple site listings were reduced in the search results i.e., not more than 2 pages from the same website were displayed on the SERPs. This function enables other websites also to get a fair chance to appear on the SERPs.

Maverick Update

Brett Tabke of Webmaster World gave the name Maverick to this update. The name was given as this update made significant changes in SERPs and the traffic received. Maverick is one of the smaller updates that Google keeps providing every year. However, we are unsure if Google will consider these website elements favorable in the future. Similar to the prior small updates, this too doesn’t specifically show any changes in the overall search results. But it is interesting to see this update impacting several industries although it doesn’t show any ranking shift favoring one brand or content over others. You should also know that every Google makes approximately 2-3 thousand updates to its algorithm. But Maverick update has impacted more than any other releases so far.

BERT Update

Google has come up with a neural network-based technique for processing natural language known as BERT. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Google states that BERT is a useful tool in understanding the context and nuances during searches. This will ensure that the queries will result in many relevant results. Before the search results used to focus more on the object or the word rather than the context. Now with BERT, the results are given based on the context.

Broad Core Algorithm Update

‘Broad Core Algorithm Update was the first update this year announced by Google on their twitter handle Google Search Liaison. This is an upgrade for the entire Google algorithm to understand the search queries better. Google again makes it a point that it is more interested in quality rather than a particular website niche or ranking signals. There is nothing you can do to boost your rating if you don’t appear in the SERPs for this update. The only way you will be able to appear on SERPs is by focusing on delivering quality content, sending social signals, and building backlinks. This way, the SEO algorithm is updated several times in a year, but Broad Core Updates are specifically done to include new features in the algorithm that impact how the sites are ranked.

Summing up

Google was making only a few updates previously. But, now there are thousands of changes in its SEO algorithm every year. Most of the updates are very minute that they are barely noticed and there are major updates that impact your website ranking drastically on the SERPs. Thus it is important to keep ourselves updated with the changes in Google algorithms. This way you will be able to understand if you should be worried or relaxed with your SEO strategies to rank better and higher in the SERPs.






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