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We live in a time where technology is upgraded as you read this information. Consumer behavior is very difficult to predict as there are so many choices available for them in the market.

With the availability of the Internet, consumers are easily available on the digital platform globally.

Businesses have gone from traditional to digital spaces and the future businesses will by default need a website and digital marketing strategy to survive in this environment.

The competition is higher than ever before, as the Internet doesn’t discriminate any business. Thus by the time, you learn something new and implement strategies, they could become obsolete in the digital market.

To keep your business running successfully, it is important to stay updated and choose the most feasible digital marketing trends that work well for your business.

Here are a few digital marketing trends that are will help you through 2020.


If you want your business to stand out amidst the crowd, personalizing your marketing strategies will be a booster. You will need to personalize your content, the products you offer and the emails you send for starters.

As per the recent personalization statistics, 63% of consumers are annoyed with advertisements that are generic or not at all related to them.

Statistics also show that 80% of consumers are likely to do business if they are offered personalized experiences and 90% of consumers state that personalization creates interest in a business.

The best example of this trend would be Netflix and Amazon. They tailor their products according to the consumer’s previously watched videos or movies. Other companies that have successfully benefitted from personalization trend are Cadburys, EasyJet, and Starbucks

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the rising marketing trends today and will probably stay for the next 5-10 years. This makes it significant to use video marketing in your digital marketing strategies this year.

Statistics show that nearly 70% of consumers have shared the brand’s video. Businesses have improved their conversion rates and consumers gain confidence in the brand and thus lead to buying decisions.

Videos also attract executives and vendors, as they tend to visit your business website after viewing a video.

Videos are also one of the best ways for consumers to learn about your products.

For video marketing, you don’t have to stick to YouTube always. You can also use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to create and post videos for your business.

Try Live Video, Video SEO, 360-degree video content, 1:1 video.

Visual Search

Searching on the internet is getting more interesting as people can now use images. Searching via Images deliver specific results.

Few Apps that are already using this strategy are Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, CamFind, Bing Visual search, etc.

Consumers love it when they can find things or information quicker than they expect. All the above apps use the camera as a search bar.

You can use this strategy to target your audience. This will be a great way to reach out to younger, as well as older crowds.

People can easily connect to your business, when they search for similar products, as these Apps work as Visual search engines.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

With voice searches becoming popular, businesses have to rethink their digital marketing strategies for 2020. This is because 50% of smartphone users will use voice for all their searches. By 2022, it is estimated that 55% of American homes will have a smart speaker. 72% of the people use their voice to activate speakers for all their routine.

Content Marketing

Though there are so many new trends, Google’s search algorithm still looks for well-written content for SEO. John Mueller from Google also told digital marketers to ensure the site to be speedy, has useful links, and relevant content than running behind new trends. Content marketing is very important as 88% of B2B content marketers agree that content is what makes the audience to Trust their organization. Google continues to value quality content and regular update of articles. Businesses will continue to invest in content marketing in 2020.

Predictive and Augmented Analytics

Predictive analytics is a technique that involves data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning to detect patterns in consumer behavior and try to predict the future. This is becoming a core strategy of every company in various industries.

Predictive and Augmented analytics helps you to get more leads, as segmentation is very easy and enables personalization. This, in turn, boosts customer loyalty.

We will see a 40% automation of data science tasks and the enormous data that is collected by businesses will allow for better and productive decisions.

Growth of Geofencing

The idea of marketing based on your geography is not new, but this marketing trend is going to grow hugely by 2023 as the usage of mobile phones increases. Using Geo-fencing, you can target your audience in real-time based on their location. This is a simple concept, where the person will get a text message, push notification, or any other marketing communication within a mile of your business. If you want people to visit you or find you easily, geo-fencing is a very important marketing strategy.

User-generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) is a source with high potential for digital marketers. This is the best trend to catch up with Gen Z and Millennial. Your business website or page should encourage your target audience to share their content and offer those discounts and vouchers. You could also partner with your audience for a good cause.

When people share their experiences, it shows their trust in the company. This way your credibility will increase, your brand identity will improve and many will discover your products, services, and brand.

It is easy for people to connect to your brand when they listen to people like themselves. UGC can be anything from blog comments, testimonials, blog posts, images and videos that are created by users.

Summing Up!

The above details are a few simple yet powerful trends that you need to inculcate in your digital marketing strategies for 2020. There are many other trends too. You can look up and use the ones that best suit your business needs. You should also note that change is constant in digital marketing. You must stay updated, have foresight and strive to use new technologies, strategies, and tools to stay ahead and more productive than your competitors.

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