How to Boost Domain and Page Authority of the website

Your website is up and running for months now, yet your search engine ranking is very low. So you begin pondering over the question “How Do I Improve My Domain Authority And Page Authority?”. Well, there are numerous factors that Google considers to rank your website. But the most important has now been the domain authority and page authority of your website. 

Page authority and Domain authority are metrics developed to assess your SEO efforts by Moz. Domain authority measures the strength of your entire domain or subdomain while Page Authority measures the strength of your single web page. The score is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 for both domain authority and page authority (1 being the least and 100 being the best). 

Moz’s algorithm looks for root domain links, quality content, social media signals, and search engine friendliness, and many other factors to improve your Domain Authority and Page Authority.

How Do I Improve My Domain Authority And Page Authority? 

Pick A Good domain name

If you haven’t yet purchased a domain name, choose a domain name that is fitting to your business or purpose. Your domain name should also be easy to remember for visitors. You may also consider purchasing an old domain to enjoy good domain age. 

If you already own a domain, ensure to keep it active for at least three to five. 

Ensure your website is Mobile Friendly

Most of the population access the internet through their mobile devices. Not having your website optimized for mobile devices can be a major cause for users to skip browsing your website. You could easily lose your search ranking on your mobile device. Check out the Mobile-Friendly Test by Google Developers page to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Speed up your webpage loading time

Your page webpage loading speed can be a major contributor to the bounce rate. If your webpage took longer than 3 seconds to load, most users simply look for other websites.  It is crucial to keep your webpage loading speed faster (standard is the wink of your eye) but a second will serve the purpose. Check out the PageSpeed tool by Google Developers to analyze your website’s loading speed. You will be guided to enhance your site and user experience. 

Display your Niche Authority

If you are still thinking “How do I improve my domain authority and page authority ?”, relate with this simple human psychology – No one wants to associate with someone who is not a professional. To build trust and long term relationships with end-users, It is vital to display your niche expertise.

This can be achieved only through quality content and meaningful engagement with your followers and users on social media. Using fresh content and images go a long way in improving your page authority. 

Your niche authority will strengthen your brand identity that in turn increases the external links gained from other authoritative sources.  Another feasible way to improve your domain authority and page authority is by contributing as a guest blogger on other sites that are relevant to your industry. 

On-page content optimization

SEO plays a critical role in your ranking on the Google search engine and your domain authority as well. Thus it is important to optimize your on-page code inclusive of image alt tags, title tags, and the content as well.  Improve your Domain Authority and Page Authority by enhancing the relevance between your keyword and content. This can be achieved by creating content that is long, in-depth, and broadly covers the topic.

Create linkable content 

MozRank and MozTrust consider high-quality links acquired from multiple domains as an important factor to rank and trust your domain. High-quality links call for high-quality content. The higher the content quality, the more are the chances for it to get linked by another authoritative site. That is, your content needs to be relevant to your business, to your audience, creative, well written, and informative to improve your domain authority and page authority

Good Internal Linking structure

As much as external links are vital to improving your domain authority, so are the internal links. Internal links aid in directing your visitors to find what they are looking for and thereby enhancing the users’ experience. That is, your users should be able to easily find their way around through the internal links. For example, a user engrossed in your blog session should find the homepage through one of the internal links.

Internal links play a crucial role by preventing frustration to the users and meanwhile engaging them with your website.  With internal links, you also get an extra point as they help indexing of your site by the search engines much easier!

Remove Toxic Links

Well, no denying this. Bad or toxic links are those links that connect the user to bad sites. And broken links give out a negative impression as well. They also decelerate your domain authority rather than improving it. Thus, now and then it is recommended to skim through your link profile to find bad links. 

However, it is a time-consuming task to check every single link on your website. But some tools will help you to manage the links on your website. 

Promote your content via social media 

Your social media engagement plays a major part in ranking your website. You could improve your domain authority and page authority by promoting your content on social media to improve engagement on your website. Without this, your content will be devoid of any engagement. Encourage your social media consumers and followers to promote your content via likes, shares, and comments. It is also recommended to use social share buttons on your webpages to boost your page authority. 

Wrapping up…

I Hope your question on “ How do I improve my Domain Authority and Page Authority” has been answered clearly.  Domain Authority and Page Authority help you understand your position with your competitors as well as your overall performance. Recognizing the domain authority and page authority of other related websites can help you in choosing the links that are worthy of your content. Establishing relationships with other authoritative sites increases the chances to drive more traffic to your website! 

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