Best Rated Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

Entellusco is one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore. We are specialized in developing Apps across various platforms such as iOS, Android, Hybrid, Windows supported by a strong cloud-based backend infrastructure. Apps are something of vital importance to a phone. They are piece of codes put together to weave an intricate and marvelous software that is designed for a specific purpose. There are all kinds of apps. Apps for transportation, for sharing images and videos, for booking transportation, for entertainment and so on. For literally anything you can think of, there’s an app. Entellusco strive to serve the clients with Best Mobile Application Development in delivering with high-Quality UI/UX Design.

  • Now, how are these apps made?
  • Apps are made through a process called Mobile app development. This process involves complex coding, networking and a lot of creativity. The major operating systems are

  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Hybrid Development
  • Windows App Development
  • Android Development

    Android is an open Source Operating System mostly developed by Google and Open handset Alliance In a recent research, there are over 2.5 billion people using Android phones all over the world. This shows that android app development is always on the rise and will never lose its day

    Developing apps for the Android platform requires a person to have expertise in programming languages like JAVA and should be proficient in handling softwares like Android Software development kit(SDK). SDK is an integrated development Environment (IDE) such as Android Studios in which Apps are made and tested using virtual devices.

  • iOS Development

    iOS or formerly known as iPhone OS is an exclusive operating system developed by Apple for its hardware. Currently there are about 1.4 billion using devices which run on iOS. As Apple is one of the richest companies in the world, they always make sure to have the best platform to showcase apps created for their OS.

    Unlike Android, iOS app development requires a person to be proficient in many programming languages like C, C++, Objective –C, Swift. The integrated development Environment (IDE) for iOS apps is known as Xcode, which is Apple exclusive.

  • Hybrid App Development

    Before knowing about hybrid app development, we need know whats “native apps”. As the word states, native apps are apps exclusive for a particular operating system platform. They work only on a single platform and are unable to function in any other operating system. They will have their own exclusive programming language and IDEs